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Saving Preferences

Refreshing Your Steinberg DAW Settings

After some time of working with Cubase or Nuendo you may experience some odd symptoms: Slow save times Odd graphical glitches Slow exit times Media bay anomalies New plugin versions not showing up And any number of other oddities There is one thing that is always worth trying before resorting [...]
iPad Touch OSC Single Panel

Remote Control Cubase with Touch OSC

Do you have an iPad / iPhone or Android device and do you want to use it as a wireless remote controller for Cubase / Nuendo? If the answer is “Yes!”… Here’s how. First of all I should mention a few things: This is not really anything new to the tech-heads out there and is certainly not the only [...]

Apple Mobile Device Restart

Free Application Release. Does your iTunes lock up sometimes when you plug in your iPhone or iPad? I have been plagued with this problem for quite a while now and after searching around have really found no obvious answers. The symptoms are that when you plug a device into iTunes to sync it, iTunes [...]
Project Folder Maker - Application

Code Therapy

When I’m not writing songs and making music – In my spare time I often find myself programming code. My first days of programming (after a brief time learning CECIL at school) were back in the days of the renowned Sinclair ZX Spectrum. What a great little machine that was. And what amazing things [...]
MEAP Version 7

MEAP 7.0 Released

Application Release. MEAP – Multi Export Audio Pro – has been released to the public today. It has had a huge redesign and lots of extra features added, including a new streamlined dialog and many internal code tweaks and enhancements. What is MEAP? MEAP is a tool for automating the process of [...]
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