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Music Production Walkthroughs

Women & Axe-victims First

Over the years I have often presented music production and playing tutorials / walkthroughs at YouTube.

Women & Axe-victims First
YouTube Playlist

The idea for these is quite simple, it involves stepping through the process of how certain tracks and cues were put together. Stopping along the way to go into some finer detail where it may be interesting.

There are a number of these so far and there will be more.

Here’s a few of the most recent:

Tsunami Dream

The track is an orchestral cue with real electric guitar. Composed in Cubase 7

Long Way

An original rock song

The Mystery Of Seven-Eight

An orchestral piece in 7/8 signature

Women & Axe-Victims First

An orchestral cue with rock guitar and drums. Please forgive the rough quality of the narration on this one it will be improved in future.

Watching The Rye

A short acoustic guitar melody with orchestration

For a full list playlist you can see (and subscribe to) my YouTube Channel here:

I hope you may find these interesting and useful.

Thanks for reading (and listening).