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PPL Training & Exam Windows

Flying Training – The Heat is on!

I had heard and read about the deadlines involved when training for a PPL but never really understood the full implications of this. The Two Year Rule… The Eighteen Month Rule… Although all the relevant information is available at the CAA Website, some of it can be a little difficult to interpret [...]

My Top 10 Aviation iPad / iPhone Apps

I haven’t done much flying lately due to weather and finances, nothing new there… But I do still keep a close eye on the current technology and gadgetry. I often get asked which are my most used applications on the iPhone and iPad so I decided to make a quick list. I’m still a student (hoping to [...]
Just Landed

Landing Away

It has taken four or five attempts to get this particular exercise done. Once because of a mess up with timings but mostly due to our often mentioned and oh-so unreliable British weather. Finally, on Friday 3rd September I managed to fly to and land at Humberside Airport, which completed my [...]
Sherburn After Landing

First PPL Navigation Exercise

Today marked my first PPL Navigation exercise from Sherburn. I have been learning to fly now for over two years and today was the first time I have actually flown to a destination outside of the normal Sherburn circuit. There is some out of circuit work involved before the navigation exercises [...]
Mmmm Cold Beer

Wind Calm and Human Performance

Finally, good weather and finances permitted me to get over to Sherburn today to get some flying done. It was one of those very rare days when the weather forecast says “Wind = CALM”. Which means, as it says, there was little or no significant wind – at least from the surface to where I was flying [...]
Nav chart

More PPL Exams Passed

It’s been a while… Lots of music and flying related things going on. Most notable news would be that I have now passed three more of the PPL exams. After passing Air Law late in 2008, I realised (rather late) that I have only a remaining six months to pass all six other exams. Luckily the exams [...]
PPL books

PPL Studying Ahead!

It’s a tough few months. (I know, I know – everyone says that)… But it is honest! Anyway without dwelling on the moaning… I just found out that there is time limit applied to the PPL (Flying Training) written exams. We have a period of 18 months from the date of passing your first exam (Air Law) – [...]
1st Solo

First Solo completed

At approximately 13:30 today I completed my First Solo flight. What an absolutely awesome experience. After doing four circuits with my instructor Jonathan Anderson, he was happy enough to send me up on my own. It was quiet in the cockpit and a little surreal. Beautiful weather with just a little [...]
PA28 at Sherburn

First Solo on Thursday

It has been confirmed today that (depending on the weather of course), I will be doing my first solo flight on Thursday 11th November. As far as I know, this will involve doing some circuits with my instructor and then when / if he feels I’m ready, he will hop out of the plane (once landed of [...]
SAC Airfield map

Aviation Law Exam Passed… Weehee

After quite a lot of studying, I managed to pass the Aviation Law exam on Friday last week. Many have said that this is the hardest of the PPL exams due to it’s slightly arbitrary nature. I can certainly agree with that. I have been flying circuits at Sherburn for about 3 months now and finally, [...]
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