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Spot The Runway

Marginal VFR

It’s been over two months since I last went flying. I had a visit today from an old friend Dave Jozzy Jones from the [RnR] Gaming Clan (Those were the days!) and coincidentally, had an hour of flying booked too. As I am still a student, I am not allowed to carry passengers yet but if the instructor [...]
Instructor Jonathan Anderson & Mr Phil

Solo Navigation

Today I completed my first ever solo journey out of the local airfield vicinity. I have done a fair amount of solo flying but up until now, only in the circuit at Sherburn. This means plenty of take-offs and landings but not much radio and navigation work. Today was the day when instructor Jonathan [...]
Entering The PA28

Flying Navigation with Guest

My navigation instruction continued on Friday with a trip to Hornsea (on the East coast of England). Instructor Jonathan gave me the OK to bring a passenger which was really neat. So I met my old friend Pete Neville in the morning and we finished off the flight plan and route calculations at home [...]
Sherburn After Landing

First PPL Navigation Exercise

Today marked my first PPL Navigation exercise from Sherburn. I have been learning to fly now for over two years and today was the first time I have actually flown to a destination outside of the normal Sherburn circuit. There is some out of circuit work involved before the navigation exercises [...]
Parked at Sherburn

Runway 24 Grass

Just a quickie… I went over to Sherburn today to do the final preparation for next week’s navigation exercise. We’ll be flying to Bridlington and Brough. So I need to get the procedure straight. There’ll be a small chance to revise it before we go. This will be my first proper navigation using a [...]
Parked and Ready

Up Down – Flying Around!

We were pleasantly surprised by some more good weather today. So I managed to get over to Sherburn for an hour of flying instruction. It was time for some more practise of precautionary procedures today. It’s a lot to take in all in one go but very enjoyable stuff and as mentioned before, essential [...]
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