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Women & Axe-victims First

Music Production Walkthroughs

Over the years I have often presented music production and playing tutorials / walkthroughs at YouTube. The idea for these is quite simple, it involves stepping through the process of how certain tracks and cues were put together. Stopping along the way to go into some finer detail where it may be [...]
Negative Delay Enlarged

Using Negative Track Delay to Pull Your Track Into Time

Today’s tools for creating music are awesome. If you doubt it, just look back a few years (or more) and think about how you put your tracks together and the sounds you used and where you recorded them… Yup… So now it is a little easier eh? Of course you still have to be musical and you still have [...]
Psiren Cover

Writing a Psiren Song

I haven’t done anything like this for a while and a few kind folks have asked how it came together. So I thought I would share it. The Music & Production The entire production took place in Cubase 6.5 with Wavelab 7 for a bit of mastering. As you can see from the screen shot – This is a pretty [...]


I have taught various musical instruments and production techniques for a long time now. Finally I decided that I should introduce a website dedicated to that. So for the past few weeks I have missed out on all the great weather we have had and managed to get the AxeSkillz website up and running, [...]
Blue Variax 700

Yes – I Play Guitar

Funny really; My main sources of work and also much personal enjoyment revolve around various fields of music and production and song-writing. I’ve been blogging about my flying training experiences because they are a relatively new thing to me. Music isn’t. Not that there aren’t always new things [...]
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