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PPL Training & Exam Windows

Flying Training – The Heat is on!

I had heard and read about the deadlines involved when training for a PPL but never really understood the full implications of this. The Two Year Rule… The Eighteen Month Rule… Although all the relevant information is available at the CAA Website, some of it can be a little difficult to interpret [...]
Parked at Humberside

First Solo Land Away

Friday 17th September – The weather was finally good enough to allow me to head out solo to land at Humberside. After completing this exercise with instructor Peter last week, I felt pretty confident that I would be able to manage this one on my own. Especially with all that extra space on the [...]
Just Landed

Landing Away

It has taken four or five attempts to get this particular exercise done. Once because of a mess up with timings but mostly due to our often mentioned and oh-so unreliable British weather. Finally, on Friday 3rd September I managed to fly to and land at Humberside Airport, which completed my [...]
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