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4 Cameras

Remotely Viewable IP Cameras

Recently my wife decided she would like to get a pet hamster. Actually one hamster turned into FOUR hamsters but that is another story… Anyone who has kept hamsters will know that they are mainly active in the evenings and are very active at night times. This is all fine as you usually get to see [...]
Part of my Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 – Wake Over LAN – It Works!

This is a short article to follow up from the article: How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet which explains how to get Wake Over Lan and Wake Over Internet working in a Windows OS. For users of UEFI BIOS enabled boards – please see my update at the end of the article. After installing Windows 8, I found [...]
Unlock Screen

A Little Extra Security for Your iPhone / iPad

How many times have you lost your iPhone? How many times have you thought you lost your iPhone and breathed a huge sigh of relief when you finally found it? If the answer to either of these questions is – “More than once”. Then this article may interest you. OK – So I lost my phone – What’s the [...]
PPL Training & Exam Windows

Flying Training – The Heat is on!

I had heard and read about the deadlines involved when training for a PPL but never really understood the full implications of this. The Two Year Rule… The Eighteen Month Rule… Although all the relevant information is available at the CAA Website, some of it can be a little difficult to interpret [...]
iPad Touch OSC Single Panel

Remote Control Cubase with Touch OSC

Do you have an iPad / iPhone or Android device and do you want to use it as a wireless remote controller for Cubase / Nuendo? If the answer is “Yes!”… Here’s how. First of all I should mention a few things: This is not really anything new to the tech-heads out there and is certainly not the only [...]

My Top 10 Aviation iPad / iPhone Apps

I haven’t done much flying lately due to weather and finances, nothing new there… But I do still keep a close eye on the current technology and gadgetry. I often get asked which are my most used applications on the iPhone and iPad so I decided to make a quick list. I’m still a student (hoping to [...]
A New Header In Action

Mystique Theme – Photo Gallery Headers

I finally got round to updating to the new Mystique theme (3.1) for my Website. After a brief read around the web, I was slightly concerned by the number of difficulties folks seem to be having with the transition. I’ll be honest I found it all straight forward, but I did do quite a lot of research [...]

Dropbox – Why Aren’t You Using It?

Remember the days when your associates would attempt to send you a file attached to an email? It sometimes took hours to download, clogged up your entire internet bandwidth and then after all the anticipation, the file would be a joke or picture than you could have found yourself if you were really [...]

360 Degrees of the AirField

Today I was lucky that circumstances came together allowing me to get in an hour of circuit training with instructor Barry Davis. Due to time, weather and of course finances – my flying hours have been a little lacking lately. Also, when I started landing away, the main hours of flying are spent [...]

Apple Mobile Device Restart

Free Application Release. Does your iTunes lock up sometimes when you plug in your iPhone or iPad? I have been plagued with this problem for quite a while now and after searching around have really found no obvious answers. The symptoms are that when you plug a device into iTunes to sync it, iTunes [...]

How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet

Most people these days have some kind of Smart-phone, Netbook or Laptop. But many of us also still need hulking behemoths of power stashed away at the office to do our main work. Our studio, for example, would never run on any kind of laptop and certainly not a netbook (correct at time of [...]
Parked at Humberside

First Solo Land Away

Friday 17th September – The weather was finally good enough to allow me to head out solo to land at Humberside. After completing this exercise with instructor Peter last week, I felt pretty confident that I would be able to manage this one on my own. Especially with all that extra space on the [...]
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