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4 Cameras

Remotely Viewable IP Cameras

Recently my wife decided she would like to get a pet hamster. Actually one hamster turned into FOUR hamsters but that is¬†another story… Anyone who has kept hamsters will know that they are mainly active in the evenings and are very active at night times. This is all fine as you usually get to see [...]
Unlock Screen

A Little Extra Security for Your iPhone / iPad

How many times have you lost your iPhone? How many times have you thought you lost your iPhone and breathed a huge sigh of relief when you finally found it? If the answer to either of these questions is – “More than once”. Then this article may interest you. OK – So I lost my phone – What’s the [...]

My Top 10 Aviation iPad / iPhone Apps

I haven’t done much flying lately due to weather and finances, nothing new there… But I do still keep a close eye on the current technology and gadgetry. I often get asked which are my most used applications on the iPhone and iPad so I decided to make a quick list. I’m still a student (hoping to [...]

Apple Mobile Device Restart

Free Application Release. Does your iTunes lock up sometimes when you plug in your iPhone or iPad? I have been plagued with this problem for quite a while now and after searching around have really found no obvious answers. The symptoms are that when you plug a device into iTunes to sync it, iTunes [...]
Album 2

A Blast from the Past – Ballads Away!

Something I used to do quite a lot of in my earlier song-writing days was write ballads. I found it quite easy to put the arrangements together and learned a lot about how (and how not) to write a song. Some of them were written and recorded in a matter of days. (I know – you can probably tell). I [...]

QR Codes – Decoding the Box

I made a minor discovery this morning before starting work in the studio. Something quite interesting, geeky and possibly useful too. It reminded me of some random time in my childhood, spent making codes with my school-friends that only we could read… Then trying to crack the ones that another [...]
Air Navigation Pro


Friday, July 26 – Time for another section of navigation exercises from Sherburn. This time I had some technical testing and questions in mind as well as the actual navigation exercise. My questions – Does the GPS system that is built into the iPad work well enough to be used for navigation? And if [...]
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