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10 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Audio Workstation

Does your DAW need a wash and brush up? As producers we spend a lot of time trying to get the best performance from our studio computers. Here’s 10 of my suggestions for getting the best from your Windows Digital Audio Workstation. This is not a detailed discussion but of course if anyone would [...]
Project Folder Maker - Application

Code Therapy

When I’m not writing songs and making music – In my spare time I often find myself programming code. My first days of programming (after a brief time learning CECIL at school) were back in the days of the renowned Sinclair ZX Spectrum. What a great little machine that was. And what amazing things [...]
MEAP Version 7

MEAP 7.0 Released

Application Release. MEAP – Multi Export Audio Pro – has been released to the public today. It has had a huge redesign and lots of extra features added, including a new streamlined dialog and many internal code tweaks and enhancements. What is MEAP? MEAP is a tool for automating the process of [...]
MEAP Dialog - Main Options

MEAP 7.0 Coming Soon

I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches to the new release of my MEAP application. Multi Export Audio Pro will reach Version 7.0 within the next few weeks. There are quite a number of changes both visible and “under the hood”. All internal code has been re-written, pretty much from the [...]
MEAP 6.6

MEAP 6.6 Released

6.60.339 UPDATE: Added support for Cubase 5 Added support for Cubase Studio 5 Added option to adjust colour tolerance when searching for screen graphics (inside meapdefs.ini file) Added option to adjust font size in main dialogs (inside meapdefs.ini file) Added option to stop MEAP checking for [...]
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