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4 Cameras

Remotely Viewable IP Cameras

Recently my wife decided she would like to get a pet hamster. Actually one hamster turned into FOUR hamsters but that is another story… Anyone who has kept hamsters will know that they are mainly active in the evenings and are very active at night times. This is all fine as you usually get to see [...]
Part of my Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 – Wake Over LAN – It Works!

This is a short article to follow up from the article: How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet which explains how to get Wake Over Lan and Wake Over Internet working in a Windows OS. For users of UEFI BIOS enabled boards – please see my update at the end of the article. After installing Windows 8, I found [...]

How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet

Most people these days have some kind of Smart-phone, Netbook or Laptop. But many of us also still need hulking behemoths of power stashed away at the office to do our main work. Our studio, for example, would never run on any kind of laptop and certainly not a netbook (correct at time of [...]
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