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A New Header In Action

Mystique Theme – Photo Gallery Headers

I finally got round to updating to the new Mystique theme (3.1) for my Website. After a brief read around the web, I was slightly concerned by the number of difficulties folks seem to be having with the transition. I’ll be honest I found it all straight forward, but I did do quite a lot of research [...]

Facebook Likes & Comments

A great way to share the hard work you have done on your website and blog is to get your friends to “Like” what you have done and share it with their friends on Facebook. This is a subject covered in many places around the web. How do I get Facebook Like Buttons, Comments Boxes and various other [...]
Album 2

A Blast from the Past – Ballads Away!

Something I used to do quite a lot of in my earlier song-writing days was write ballads. I found it quite easy to put the arrangements together and learned a lot about how (and how not) to write a song. Some of them were written and recorded in a matter of days. (I know – you can probably tell). I [...]
PA28 Rear View

Flying The PA28

I had to cancel flying again today, due to having no transport to take me to the aero club. I suppose it was just as well, after what I had to pay out for the car service, MOT and parts. So I thought I’d make a blog entry with some pictures of the planes I have been flying. Some of the pictures are [...]
SAC Airfield map

Aviation Law Exam Passed… Weehee

After quite a lot of studying, I managed to pass the Aviation Law exam on Friday last week. Many have said that this is the hardest of the PPL exams due to it’s slightly arbitrary nature. I can certainly agree with that. I have been flying circuits at Sherburn for about 3 months now and finally, [...]
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