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4 Cameras

Remotely Viewable IP Cameras

Recently my wife decided she would like to get a pet hamster. Actually one hamster turned into FOUR hamsters but that is another story… Anyone who has kept hamsters will know that they are mainly active in the evenings and are very active at night times. This is all fine as you usually get to see [...]
Camtasia Record Settings

Screencast Your DAW with Camtasia and RME Totalmix

A little while ago I presented an article about how to set up Camtasia to record your DAW using The ASIO Multimedia Driver. It was a tricky one to do because those settings are very unreliable and sluggish to work with. This article applies to Windows only. Here’s the introduction to that article [...]
Camtasia Record

Recording a Screencast with Camtasia & Cubase in Windows

Screencasting from your DAW can be very useful. The finished results can be used as tutorials, walk-throughs, detailed demos of your work and many other things. Usually a screen cast will consist of real time capture of your system display, possibly mixed with the system sounds and a narration [...]


I have taught various musical instruments and production techniques for a long time now. Finally I decided that I should introduce a website dedicated to that. So for the past few weeks I have missed out on all the great weather we have had and managed to get the AxeSkillz website up and running, [...]
Blue Variax 700

Yes – I Play Guitar

Funny really; My main sources of work and also much personal enjoyment revolve around various fields of music and production and song-writing. I’ve been blogging about my flying training experiences because they are a relatively new thing to me. Music isn’t. Not that there aren’t always new things [...]
Some Fields

Pick a Field – Any Field – Now Land On It

PFL – Practised Forced Landing So what happens if you are up in the sky in your aircraft and you get an engine failure? That’s what today’s flying lesson was all about. We take off from Sherburn and head to the southern training area (Over and around Doncaster). This was fun in itself, as it is the [...]
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