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PPL Training & Exam Windows

Flying Training – The Heat is on!

I had heard and read about the deadlines involved when training for a PPL but never really understood the full implications of this. The Two Year Rule… The Eighteen Month Rule… Although all the relevant information is available at the CAA Website, some of it can be a little difficult to interpret [...]
Spot The Runway

Marginal VFR

It’s been over two months since I last went flying. I had a visit today from an old friend Dave Jozzy Jones from the [RnR] Gaming Clan (Those were the days!) and coincidentally, had an hour of flying booked too. As I am still a student, I am not allowed to carry passengers yet but if the instructor [...]
Parked at Humberside

First Solo Land Away

Friday 17th September – The weather was finally good enough to allow me to head out solo to land at Humberside. After completing this exercise with instructor Peter last week, I felt pretty confident that I would be able to manage this one on my own. Especially with all that extra space on the [...]
Just Landed

Landing Away

It has taken four or five attempts to get this particular exercise done. Once because of a mess up with timings but mostly due to our often mentioned and oh-so unreliable British weather. Finally, on Friday 3rd September I managed to fly to and land at Humberside Airport, which completed my [...]
Instructor Jonathan Anderson & Mr Phil

Solo Navigation

Today I completed my first ever solo journey out of the local airfield vicinity. I have done a fair amount of solo flying but up until now, only in the circuit at Sherburn. This means plenty of take-offs and landings but not much radio and navigation work. Today was the day when instructor Jonathan [...]
Air Navigation Pro


Friday, July 26 – Time for another section of navigation exercises from Sherburn. This time I had some technical testing and questions in mind as well as the actual navigation exercise. My questions – Does the GPS system that is built into the iPad work well enough to be used for navigation? And if [...]
Mmmm Cold Beer

Wind Calm and Human Performance

Finally, good weather and finances permitted me to get over to Sherburn today to get some flying done. It was one of those very rare days when the weather forecast says “Wind = CALM”. Which means, as it says, there was little or no significant wind – at least from the surface to where I was flying [...]
PA28 Rear View

Flying The PA28

I had to cancel flying again today, due to having no transport to take me to the aero club. I suppose it was just as well, after what I had to pay out for the car service, MOT and parts. So I thought I’d make a blog entry with some pictures of the planes I have been flying. Some of the pictures are [...]
1st Solo

First Solo completed

At approximately 13:30 today I completed my First Solo flight. What an absolutely awesome experience. After doing four circuits with my instructor Jonathan Anderson, he was happy enough to send me up on my own. It was quiet in the cockpit and a little surreal. Beautiful weather with just a little [...]

Solo Ahead – Take to the Skies!

Right! Quick shower and off to Sherburn. Managed to sleep OK and weather looks fine now. A little chilly but low winds. Still can’t believe that in just over an hour I’ll be flying around “up there” on my own! Chocks away! :-)
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