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Part of my Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 – Wake Over LAN – It Works!

This is a short article to follow up from the article: How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet which explains how to get Wake Over Lan and Wake Over Internet working in a Windows OS. For users of UEFI BIOS enabled boards – please see my update at the end of the article. After installing Windows 8, I found [...]
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Learn Windows 8 in 6 Steps

My Windows 8 for dummies – In six simple steps: This is for non-touch screen devices. Pre-tip 0 – Don’t listen to the naysayers and moaners – Some folks cannot embrace change… 1. The new Start Screen IS The Start Menu. The Start Menu has not gone – It is simply replaced with a much nicer bigger [...]
A New Header In Action

Mystique Theme – Photo Gallery Headers

I finally got round to updating to the new Mystique theme (3.1) for my Website. After a brief read around the web, I was slightly concerned by the number of difficulties folks seem to be having with the transition. I’ll be honest I found it all straight forward, but I did do quite a lot of research [...]

Dropbox – Why Aren’t You Using It?

Remember the days when your associates would attempt to send you a file attached to an email? It sometimes took hours to download, clogged up your entire internet bandwidth and then after all the anticipation, the file would be a joke or picture than you could have found yourself if you were really [...]

Facebook Likes & Comments

A great way to share the hard work you have done on your website and blog is to get your friends to “Like” what you have done and share it with their friends on Facebook. This is a subject covered in many places around the web. How do I get Facebook Like Buttons, Comments Boxes and various other [...]


I have taught various musical instruments and production techniques for a long time now. Finally I decided that I should introduce a website dedicated to that. So for the past few weeks I have missed out on all the great weather we have had and managed to get the AxeSkillz website up and running, [...]

How To: Wake Over LAN + Internet

Most people these days have some kind of Smart-phone, Netbook or Laptop. But many of us also still need hulking behemoths of power stashed away at the office to do our main work. Our studio, for example, would never run on any kind of laptop and certainly not a netbook (correct at time of [...]
Browser Login Dialog

How To: Protect Web Folders .htaccess

Have you ever wanted to password protect a website or a sub folder of a website? Many CMS systems allow this to be done but there is a pretty simple way to protect access to the site before any login procedure using an .htaccess file which some people may find useful. I had to do this recently and [...]
Web site with added icons

Adding Extra Icons to the Mystique Theme

This article is for users of Mystique Version 2.x – The Social Networking Icon deployment in the latest Mystique (Version 3.x) has changed to a module and is much simpler to work with. The new web site is almost done now and I have settled on using the fantastic Mystique theme for WordPress. This [...]
MEAP 6.6

MEAP 6.6 Released

6.60.339 UPDATE: Added support for Cubase 5 Added support for Cubase Studio 5 Added option to adjust colour tolerance when searching for screen graphics (inside meapdefs.ini file) Added option to adjust font size in main dialogs (inside meapdefs.ini file) Added option to stop MEAP checking for [...]
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