Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Scriptwriter, Voice-over Artist, Entertainer, Photographer, Videographer, Developer, Aviator.

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I have played guitar and many other musical instruments since I was 7 years old. I am completely self taught and have an excellent musical ear. I began recording music aged 13 and have worked professionally on stage since the age of 16. As a guitarist, singer-songwriter, presenter, host, DJ, MC – You name it.

I compose songs and write lyrics, music for film, TV and adverts, write scripts and screenplays, do voice-over work, organise events, develop and test software and keep as active as possible in the field of IT. Including BloggingTweeting and web design. I also develop software. I am an expert in the field of software automation and QA testing.

I love travelling and I love learning. I have lived and worked in Dubai, UAE since 1988. Dubai is a great hub to other parts of the middle and far east and enabled me to visit many distant parts of the world. Something I still like to do when time permits.

I fly light aircraft. An interesting and taxing hobby.

My software Multi Export Audio Pro (MEAP) is a Windows application, for use with Steinberg audio software products, that enables you to export tracks (stems) one at a time, unattended.

I hope you enjoy having a little browse around my area of the web.

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