360 Degrees of the AirField

Today I was lucky that circumstances came together allowing me to get in an hour of circuit training with instructor Barry Davis.

Due to time, weather and of course finances – my flying hours have been a little lacking lately. Also, when I started landing away, the main hours of flying are spent travelling, with only one take-off and one landing at each end.

So it was my request that we do this to get back into the swing of it.

We managed nine circuits in various configurations. Normal, Flapless, Glide, Low Level and all done with little to no wind at all which makes things tricky for take-offs and landings. We also witnessed a young lady doing here first solo circuit. Nice one!

Anyway, the main reason for this little post was to share this very neat 360 degree panoramic shot taken as I was checking out the aircraft.

Here’s a flat version of the picture:

Sherburn 360
Sherburn 360

And here is a embedded method to view it properly… Clever stuff!

It was done with a free iPhone app called “360” from a company called Occipital. You can find out more about the app here: http://www.occipital.com/360/app

It’s not perfect if you look too carefully but for a first attempt it looked pretty cool to me. Very simple to use too. I can think of many uses for this and look forward to trying it in some other environments soon.

Thanks for reading.