Apple Mobile Device Restart

Free Application Release.

Does your iTunes lock up sometimes when you plug in your iPhone or iPad? I have been plagued with this problem for quite a while now and after searching around have really found no obvious answers.

The symptoms are that when you plug a device into iTunes to sync it, iTunes will become totally unresponsive until you unplug the device.

Some say it is caused by incompatibility with Windows 7 SP2. Some say that you should run iTunes in Vista compatibility mode. Some solutions work – Some don’t.

I have found that the best way to cure this is to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service. This takes time, going into the services list, finding the driver and restarting it.

So I built myself a little app to do the job in one click.

This little app simply stops and then restarts the Apple Mobile Device Service.

I have found that this will make iTunes become responsive again. Sometimes iTunes must be closed.

Sometimes the app needs to be run twice.

Move the short-cut somewhere and then simply click it if you have this problem. You will soon figure out the best time and method to make it work.

Works for me…

Free download at the Applications section of the web site.