Basic Video Composition in Cubase

I thought some of you may be interested to see how easy it is to hook up your composition to video using Cubase.

Here’s a video walkthrough with some of the information from this post.


In this example you can see a piece of music that is running with the video that was sent to compose to.

In Cubase it is a simple job to get the video into your project and compose your music to run with it. There are a few things to watch out for.

Note: Videos with very high resolution can cause issues with playback. I have found it much easier to use a lower resolution video just to work with. You don’t need full 4K resolution to compose to.

I use Vegas to pull in the original hi-res version and render it out at 1080p. Just use your goto tool to make a low-res version of your video. This will make playback smoother within Cubase and since you will be rendering your audio but not your video in Cubase, it is not a problem.

Also, make sure your frame rate set in Cubase’s Project Setup matches the video you are using.

[Here you must insert the actual creative composition work – but we’ll leave that for another time…]

When the music is done, export as you normally would from Cubase and you are done.

Notice that there was some space at the beginning of the musical project allowing for fading in and out of the video footage.

You can see the finished result of this particular project here.


Any questions or comments, please let me know.