A Blast from the Past – Ballads Away!

Album 2

Something I used to do quite a lot of in my earlier song-writing days was write ballads. I found it quite easy to put the arrangements together and learned a lot about how (and how not) to write a song. Some of them were written and recorded in a matter of days. (I know – you can probably tell).

I have had a bunch of these songs hanging around on my hard drive for quite a while. It’s very hard to criticise your own work at the best of times, especially when it is has been with you for such a long time¬† – but they still sounded OK to me.

I don’t think I would be likely to write anything else along this line. (Thank goodness for that!) – I hear you say.

One particular song I Wish You Could Be Here Tonight was the most requested song on Dubai FM for about three months running in the year 2000 (if I remember correctly). For me that felt like quite an achievement at the time. It was written and recorded in 1992!

The album contains six songs:

All instruments and vocals etc. are done by Phil P – With a female vocal on The Sound Of Your Voice which was a performed by a great female singer from one of the bands in Dubai.

I would love to have had more time to re-record some of these before releasing them. Even the mastering wasn’t really a great improvement because I had already mastered them back in the day when I knew even less about mastering than I do now. Hehe. Also choosing an album cover was a tricky task, to say the least.

Album 2
Album Cover

It is a nice feeling to finally release them publicly. Considering that most of my work in the field these days revolves around pop and dance music. And I still love and perform my fair share of Rock and of course Roll. These songs – no matter what anyone thinks of them – hold a lot of memories for me. They were not written to be hits.

Anyway the tracks are now out there and if anyone is interested you can pick them up from iTunes and eventually Amazon and all the other on-line retailers. You never know, you may actually enjoy them. The button below will take you to the iTunes website and you can then open the iTunes application if you wish.

View The Album At iTunes
View The Album At iTunes

Thanks for reading and if you do make the trip to iTunes – Thanks for that too!