MEAP 6.6 Released

MEAP 6.6

6.60.339 UPDATE:

Added support for Cubase 5
Added support for Cubase Studio 5
Added option to adjust colour tolerance when searching for screen graphics (inside meapdefs.ini file)
Added option to adjust font size in main dialogs (inside meapdefs.ini file)
Added option to stop MEAP checking for audio application (inside meapdefs.ini file)
Added shortcut to open manual within MEAP application
Updated manual
Removed pointless “MEAP Checks” area of MEAP dialog
Improved performance of graphic searches
Recompiled with latest compiler (v11.31)
Recompiled all free tool and utilities with latest compiler (v11.31)
Fixed rare problem with SX3 occasionally stopping after exporting first track
Improved support for Cubase Studio 4 and Cubase Essential 4 and various other version 3 and 4 applications permutations

MEAP 6.6
MEAP 6.6

Why use MEAP when Cubase 5 already has batch export?

Cubase 5’s batch export is a great new addition to the Cubase family. And it is very convenient to have it built into the audio application. However, as it is at the moment, you have the option to export your individual tracks but:

There are no options for locator settings. So all your files will be the same size from Left to Right locator, no matter what is on the track.
There is no option to export the individual parts from each track.
There are no advanced or custom file name settings.
There is no way to export marker sections.
There is no way to make a log file containing your export info.
There is no way to automatically save your project and shut down your DAW when the export is finished.

The above are just some of the reasons to continue using MEAP.