MEAP 7.0 Coming Soon

MEAP Dialog - Main Options

I’m in the process of putting the finishing touches to the new release of my MEAP application. Multi Export Audio Pro will reach Version 7.0 within the next few weeks. There are quite a number of changes both visible and “under the hood”.

All internal code has been re-written, pretty much from the ground up. It’s been a challenge but work is almost complete.

From the ground up РA cliché term often used in application building that really has nothing to do with the actual ground or anything above it whatsoever.

First and foremost, MEAP 7.0 will add support for the forthcoming Steinberg release of Nuendo 5 – Advanced Post, Live and Audio Production System. You can read more about Nuendo 5.0 at Steinberg’s official announcement here: It looks amazing. There is also some news here at Steinberg’s site about the forthcoming Cubase 5.5 update:

Nuendo 5 Collage
Nuendo 5 Collage

This is all very exciting stuff for those of us in the music and production industry.

One of the biggest challenges has been getting MEAP to press buttons that are not actually labelled as buttons within the Windows API. I have managed to get around this by taking more screen shots of the buttons in questions (in all languages) and having MEAP search for the right button to press.

When Nuendo 5.0 and Cubase 5.5 are officially released I will be able to check everything for a few days and then release the MEAP 7.0 update accordingly. All the routines are in place within MEAP but cannot be finalised until the applications are released – So that I can actually see what it looks like running.

MEAP 7.0 will be a free update to all existing MEAP customers. The price of MEAP has not changed for over 2 years, therefore for new customers there will be a small price increase after the release of V7.0. So if you don’t already own MEAP – Now would be a good time…

MEAP Dialog - Main Options
MEAP Dialog - Main Options

Here are some of the new features of MEAP 7.0

  • Added compatibility for Nuendo 5
  • Added compatibility for Cubase 5.5
  • Added extra options to toggle OFF EQ/Inserts/Sends before export
  • Added main menu system
  • Updated MEAP Shots application
  • Streamlined export process
  • Recompiled with latest compiler (12.0.00)
  • Recompiled installer with latest version (7.5.00)
  • Recompiled all free tools
MEAP Dialog - Project Options
Project Options

MEAP 7.0 is due for release in June 2010 and is available only form the MEAP Website:

If you don’t already know about MEAP – Here’s some information from the MEAP Website.

A tool for automating the process of exporting (to audio) all individual MIDI instrument and Audio tracks from your musical project.

If you wanted to deliver all your parts (stems) to another studio for example:

Without MEAP you would have to sit and manually export each of your tracks, one at a time. This can take hours, even days!

MEAP will enable the process to be done unattended. It does not speed up the process of exporting tracks but simply eliminates the need for human interaction.

MEAP also adds some options that would be impossible to do without it. Track listing to a text file. Screen Shots. Automatic naming of output files. Various useful locator setting options. To name but a few.

MEAP is a Windows application.

MEAP works with all Steinberg V3, V4 & V5 audio applications.

MEAP Feature List

MEAP is not just a standard batch export but way more.

Here are just some of the features:

Export Locator Options:

  • All Project Range
  • Only the parts on each individual track
  • From the start of the project to the end of the parts on each track
  • From the first part on each track to the end of the project
  • Export each part separately on each track. Every part is exported and named separately
  • Export your project in sections as set by your Marker Track
  • Add a nose and tail to your locator settings for catching reverbs and intro sections

File Naming Options:

  • Use the project track name
  • Use your own default file name
  • Insert the location of each part into the file name using whatever format you have displayed on the transport
  • Use custom file naming where variables can be inserted
  • Use the audio application default naming (for markers)

Other Options:

  • Log all actions and exported files to a text file
  • Take a screen shot of the finished export
  • Automatically save new project before export
  • Shut Down your OS after export is done

These are just a few of MEAP’s ever growing feature list.

MEAP Dialog - Advanced Options
Advanced Options

Thanks for reading.