More PPL Exams Passed

Nav chart

It’s been a while…

Lots of music and flying related things going on.

Most notable news would be that I have now passed three more of the PPL exams.

After passing Air Law late in 2008, I realised (rather late) that I have only a remaining six months to pass all six other exams. Luckily the exams themselves don’t cost as much as flying lessons, so I have managed to get my head down and after working out a rough schedule, things are looking good.

With the the help of some night classes at Sherburn and also a couple of notable iPhone applications I began work on the RT Comms exam in January this year.

There is an 18 month “window” to pass all seven written UK PPL exams. The window opens on passing the first exam. If you do not pass the final exam before the 18 month period then you must re-sit the first exam. The window then moves to 18 months from the exam you originally passed second – and so on.

Radio stack
Radio stack

After that came Navigation, which was great fun but dealing with air charts for the first time was a bit of a challenge.

Nav chart
Nav chart

End result was a first time pass though and I think this is one of my favourite areas of the syllabus so far. (Which is just as well seeing as you have to know how to do it in order to fly anywhere further than your local air field. :-)

I passed Meteorology last week too. Also managed to actually get up and fly for an hour…. Lovely!

Some clouds outside yesterday
Some clouds outside yesterday

So that just leaves Human Performance and Limitations, Flight Performance and Planning, Aircraft General and Principles of Flight. That plus the actual qualifying cross country flight and then the all important skills test.

All being well I am hoping to be done and licensed by summer this year.

There are many stories to tell already but I’m saving them for a mega article when the license is gained.

Imagine reading your favourite novel or watching your favourite movie and then being told that you had to answer questions on it… That’s what this feels like. The subjects are fascinating and enthralling but passing exams kind of takes the fun out of it.

Still at least I have a 100% pass record so far…

Let’s hope it remains that way.

Clear skies to y’all.