Steinberg Preferences Backup & Restore


Steinberg Preferences Backup for Windows:

SB Prefs Backup assists you to backup and restore your Stenberg application preferences and settings.

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Steinberg Preferences Backup for Windows:

This application will Backup / Restore selected preferences and data files.

It will now work on a list of data files to backup. Restoring can be done only 1 folder at a time.

To Backup: First choose an application and add it to the list of application data folders to be backed up. (The Backup button will only become active when there is list of files to back up.)

Click the Backup button and then choose a backup location. Or select the “Use Existing Backup Path” button to use the last path you selected.

The backups will be saved there inside that path.

If you select “Use Extra Folder” the backups will all be put inside that extra folder. This is useful for storing backups per date for example.

To Restore: Click the Restore button and then choose a previously backed up folder. This folder will then be copied to the SB Preferences. The Audio Application must be closed before doing this.

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