PS3 Stuttering MP3 Solved

Our media server is built into our router (Cisco E4200 + Twonky) – So there’s not a lot of room for tweaking at the server end. Recently Cisco updated the E4200 firmware (1.0.03) which made the Twonky server and streaming very reliable. Some pretty high bandwidth files can be streamed with no problem.

BUT… Streaming a simple mp3 has been prone to stuttering and hiccuping every 10-15 seconds. Crazy? Yes because the bandwidth required to stream an mp3, even over WiFi is nothing compared to a full HD 5.1 movie.

And of course this hiccuping renders listening to any music a total waste of time due to the short interruptions every 10-15 seconds.

I tried everything I could think of (including but not limited to):

  • Changing the WiFi Channel
  • Setting a Static IP for the PS3
  • Disabling UPnP on the PS3
  • Rescanning multiple times (pointless I know)
  • Searching Google for answers – many people with same issue but not same setup – most adjusting settings on their server.
  • Drinking my coffee with left hand instead of right
  • etc. etc.

None of these made any difference (apart from possibly changing channel added a few seconds before each audio drop out). I was considering that I may have to run a wire… Not good.

Finally it was solved by simply changing the sampling frequency in the PS3 to 48k instead of 44.1… Voil√†!

Settings > Music Settings.

48 kHz: Set to output audio at a sampling frequency of 48 kHz. (Try this).
44.1 / 88.2 / 176.4 kHz: This was my default which was causing the stuttering.

Why this would affect MP3 streaming I have no idea – but I did find one other person who solved the problem using the same method. So at least it is worth a try if you are having this trouble.

I may investigate this further but thought it was worth a Quick Post to get this info out there.