Yes – I Play Guitar

Blue Variax 700

Funny really; My main sources of work and also much personal enjoyment revolve around various fields of music and production and song-writing. I’ve been blogging about my flying training experiences because they are a relatively new thing to me. Music isn’t. Not that there aren’t always new things to learn but music has been part of my life so long that I have never really considered whether others may find aspects of it interesting.

When I was in Dubai with the band, we used to meet a lot of pilots and flight crew. I always thought it would be amazing to be a pilot and the pilots wanted to be in the band and play guitar. Most of us would have traded jobs at the drop of a hat. The grass is always greener eh?

I’ve often thought that maybe it is about time I made short post about something I have done for much longer than learning to fly – In fact since I was seven years old I have played guitar. It was my first musical instrument really and still my primary, (although I can play just about anything else – I was blessed with a very musical ear).

Over the years I have owned many different types of “axe” but now I use Variax 700 in the studio which is very neat piece of technology.

Blue Variax 700
Blue Variax 700

The Variax is not a particularly stunning instrument to actually play but it allows you to select the sounds from various different guitar models and tunings at the flick of a switch. Most of them are very good emulations too. Very handy when space (and finances) are an issue. Very practical for studio use. Of course it is pretty useless unless you can actually play. Hehe.

I also use Guitar Rig 4 now, along with Cubase and Ableton etc. Some friends were asking for a rough demo of Guitar Rig. So I managed to sling together a video of GR4 and the Variax working together. Here it is on YouTube.

It was actually quite fun putting together the video, although it’s a bit rough at the edges (to say the least). I think I may do some more of this kind of thing when time permits. I hope you find it interesting.

Also if anyone has any thoughts or requests please feel free to mention in the comments.

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